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Why choose Lyrical Dance?

Updated: Jul 29, 2019

When you want to have some fun dancing, lyrical dance could be the right answer for you.  This type of dance is more expressive than other styles and allows the dancers to perform a dance that’s free-flowing and fluid in the movements offered. Here are some things to know about this style of dance:

A Mixture of Techniques

Lyrical dance is a mixture of ballet, jazz, and contemporary dance that’s brought together with a variety of music.  The lyrical style is typically smoother and faster than ballet but not nearly as fast as jazz.

Inspiring Lyrics for Your Dance

The music used for Lyrical dance is often inspirations to the dancer or the choreographer to bring about the right expressions to show the emotions of the music.  This expressive style of dance doesn’t require precision in the movements but is much more expressive than other types of dance that can be performed.  Because of this, this dancing style becomes more passionate when performed.

Fluidity and Grace

Because dancers are offered more freedom to express themselves during the lyrical dance moves, they are able to move fluidly and with more gracefulness than they would when performing a stricter style of dance.  The moves become intricate and highly technical in their application with the proper body alignment and placement, but not with the same rigorous demands as other styles require.

Russian Roots

Lyrical dance can be traced back to roots that it has in Russia in the first halve of the 20th century.  The Russian method of dancing added a stronger focus on back strength and fluid arm motions that allow the dancer to express the music that’s used for the choreography that’s been designed.  

Growth through the Decades

The 1970s saw Lyrical dance become closer to what we now know as the dance style that’s taught today to tell a story.  The height of the popularity of this type of dance took place in the 1990s even though dance teachers were struggling with the idea of teaching a dance style that was similar to what they already taught.

Popular in Other Ways

Many different dancing shows that have grown to be the most popular in the world including Cirque Du Soleil and So You Think You Can Dance have featured lyrical dance in the shows.  The movements become popular and fun to watch when performed correctly.

Start with the Basics

Anyone who wants to learn to perform lyrical dance should start with a solid foundation of ballet and jazz.  These dance styles will help provide the basic knowledge needed to make it easier to transition to lyrical dance and showcase the movements of this expressive style.

Connect to the Audience

Lyrical dance is popular and pleasing to watch because the dancer is able to engage with the audience on the dance floor and express the emotions of the music and the dance steps.  This expressive dance is a lot of fun to watch and for performers to showcase when they get in front of an audience.

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