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Motivating Miami to Dance

Located just by the Village of Merrick Park, Miami Royal Ballet & Dance School strives to instill classical ballet orientation and disciplined elegance and grace in children and adults alike. Under the expert guidance of Professor Ballerina Lourdes Arteaga, students are exposed to a strong curriculum of classical ballet and essential styles of dance, from their very first step to their most scintillating performance. Classical ballet is the base of all dance - by learning and performing our students are able to excel in all types of dance. 

For the past 15 years, Miami Royal Ballet & Dance School has been encouraging our dancers to achieve their personal best in the understanding, appreciation and performance of classical ballet. At each stage of training, the level of technical expertise is within the grasp of students who, through a balanced and progressive program of study, are sympathetically and expertly helped towards an increasingly sound understanding of the principles of movement and fundamentals of classical ballet. 

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