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Each year, Miami Royal Ballet produces its own original recitals. MRB acclaimed director Lourdes Arteaga, often with the input of those associated with the school and other international artists, creates a theme for the recital and develops the music for the show.


MRB students showcase their attained abilities in the original choreographies of the recital, which always receive widespread praise. We are confident Miami Royal Ballet's recitals are the best-in-class in South Florida.


The MRB Company Team represents the studio in a variety of performances throughout important events and locations in Coral Gables and surrounding areas. 

The MRB Company Team is responsible for the crucial task of sharing the art and culture that is advocated at the studio with the rest of our community. At MRB, we are not only trying to be the best version of ourselves, but to also share the essence of excellence and progress with those around us.

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