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Online Class Instructions

The time has come for our dancers to keep on dancing! Changes are being made to our everyday lives and we are focused on our dance family, making sure that we are able to provide for them the service we’ve always provided, but in a different way. Classes at MRB, in person and online, have a structure and a level of discipline that must be followed, which our dancers are accustomed to. It’s important for our dancers to try to keep on with their regular activities.

We will be hosting live classes online going forward until we can get back to the studio, we are confident this will be a great alternative until then. From now on, the living room is the new dance studio! This is an outlet for physical activity that provides structure and some new, improved family time together. The parents can see what we do and help their child, and also join in on some exercises.


  1. Try to do your online classes in a spacious area. You must be able to stand in front of your device in order to capture your whole body with your camera while looking at the exercises.
    Keep in mind that you will be doing exercises on the floor which we must also observe.
    With across-the-floor exercises, you may need to repeat the steps if you are in a smaller space.

  2. If you need a barre, you can hold onto something like a chair, a counter, a table – anything sturdy. Make sure this item is facing sideways so your posture and body can be seen from the side.
    If you have a barre, stand behind it and face the camera.

  3. Please attend online classes with your uniform on and hair neatly pulled back to a bun. As explained, our classes have a specific structure so please cooperate by doing so. Appropriate shoes must be worn for the class you are taking.

  4. Keep your area under control, with no distractions around.

  5. Make sure to have your full name on your Zoom account.

  6. ACRO: we highly recommend to have an adult watching to make sure there is no chance for injuries. This class must be done with a yoga mat or an acro mat - do not do the class on regular floor.


We are going to be teaching exercises and routines for our dancers to stay active and keep up with their skills. This will be something new and fun for all of us!


If you haven't used Zoom before, setting it up takes less than 3 minutes and it's as simple as possible, so make sure you log in a few minutes before your class time to be ready

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